Dear Trader,

You’re about to be clued in on information that fund managers pay analysts hundreds of thousands, to millions of dollars for.

You don’t have to have the mind of an experienced fund manager in order to understand how to use this info to increase the value of your account.

Let’s start with the messy picture and then I’ll clarify. By the time you’re watching the event, you’ll possess the skills you need to take advantage of my intel.

This chart shows the performance of 10 “sector exchange traded funds” (sector-based ETFs) that represent sectors in the broad market.

I have a platform that ranks all 41 sectors that make up the stock market.

I’ve highlighted, in blue, times when the Alternative Energy sector is in the top rankings of all 41 sub-sectors my system tracks.

When the Alternative Energy sector falls out of the top rankings is where the above chart is not highlighted.

I’ll make it easier for you, by breaking this into two pairs of charts, so that you can see the performance when the sector was in the upper rankings.

In addition to showing you the price-performance of the 10 sub-sectors, I’ll show you the history of the Alternative Energy sector’s rankings for comparison. I circled the date range so that it’s clear what each pair of charts represents.

I also pair that price performance chart with a chart showing the ranking history for the Alternative Energy sector.

The two pairs of charts show when “Alternative Energy” was in the top rankings on my platform, from December 18th, 2019 - March 9th 2020 and from June 16th - October 20th.

Any time one of the 41 sub-sectors is showing high rankings like this, you definitely want to have a position in that sector.

You can own the sector fund or take a chance owning the strongest stocks within that fund.

Please bring a pen and pad, or be ready to take some screen shots during the event. Maybe you can open up a word-doc, google doc or notepad 5 minutes before the event begins at 1:00pm Eastern.

Either way, take notes because these notes will likely be valid for at least a year and possibly another 4-8 years.

Forget about what’s happened leading up to this. You can’t change the past. But you are in full control of your future.

Here’s to the future,

Chris Rowe
Founder, True Market Insiders